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SyilerUI – Patch 9.0

Here’s my UI for you to download and use yourself! Now, realise there may be problems with this UI and I need you guys to report them to me so I can get them fixed so that the UI is more enjoyable for all! Thanks to the creator of PGUI, I based this UI from there old outdated version, made updates and changes to create the SyiUI you see now!

CURRENT ISSUES: Everything “should” now working for 9.0, if you find any issues then feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me via Discord and i’ll see what I can do!

How to Install!

Download Link –

Locate your WoW Retail Folder and make a backup of your WTF Folder and Interface by copy and pasting them somewhere else outside of your WoW folder, this is useful to have if you want to pull old addons from your old UI or just completely go back to it.

Once done with that go back into your WoW Retail Folder and delete the WTF and Interface folders and then take all the folders from the SyiUI zip and paste them into where you just deleted the WTF and interface folder in the WoW Folder.

Next go inside the WTF folder and go inside the Account folder. Rename the “ACOUNT NAME HERE” to your current account name (if you don’t know what your account name is you can look it up in your UI backup that you made).

You can also pull the Config file from your old ui and paste it inside the SyiUI WTF folder replacing the Config file I provide, this is optional but this file keeps some general settings that you might like to transfer over.

Next up login to WoW, ensure out of date addons is ticked and log onto your character. Once inside the game type /reflux switch SyilerUI this should configure most of the addons correctly and you are now nearly ready to go! The / command is case sensitive so ensure you are putting it in correctly as /reflux switch SyilerUI

You will also have to right click on the titan panel at the top and select profile SyiUI and also move the chat box into position by right clicking on the general tab and hitting unlock. If any other addons dont seem to be in the correct place then just ensure their profile is set to SyilerUI or SyiUI

Having issues logging in? Seems like the config file didn’t pick up the region you play from correctly, go to your WoW folder > WTF > open the Config file with notepad and find the line (SET locale “enGB”) and change it to (SET locale “enUS”) or the opposite if required or whatever region you’re from that it should be.

Addon List –

Bagnon Guild Bank
Bagnon Void Storage
Chinchilla Minimap
Deadly Boss Mods
Masque Darion
Star Cursor
Threat Plates
Titan Panel
Weak Auras (used for class combo points)


What are these markers etc on top of my screen?
That’s Target charms, you can disable this or edit it with /targetcharms setup

I can’t click on my unitframes?
This is the addon Clique causing the “problem”. Go to interface>Addons>Clique and under Blacklist, you want to put a tick in everything you wish for Clique to ignore, so for unitframes that would be Pitbull. Alternatively you can CTRL click the unitframes or change the spells keybinds for Clique in the spellbook.

My combat log box wont fit properly?
This is a weird issue but fixable, set your chat box where you want it to go, lock it, pull the combat box out of the chat box and then redock it, it should then fix its weird position problem.

How do I do my keybinds now?
Do /dominos and click keybinds button

What I type do the /reflux stuff my UI doesnt go how yours looks??
You have messed either renaming the Account Name folder properly or you arent typing /reflux switch SyilerUI
It’s case sensitive so you must ensure you have the capitals in the right place.

Will this UI work with X resolution?
Duno, this UI was made with my own resolution in mind, try it, worst case you will need to resize and reposition things but by default no the UI isn’t intended to be used with other resolutions.


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