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Daily Quest

Sinrunner Blanchy

Blanchy’s Reins

Family: Undead / Horse

Type: Daily Quest / Secret

Faction: Both

Zone: Revendreth

Rewarded From: Dead Blanchy

Recommended Level: Level 55

Skill Level: 4/10

Blanchy Respawn Timer: 1-2 hours

Sinrunner Blanchy
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The Sinrunner Blanchy mount is a guaranteed mount once you have cared for Dead Blanchy for 6 days total. On the 6th day you will be awarded with Blanchy’s Reins which will allow you to summon the mount.

Dead Blanchy who needs to be cared for, for 6 days to obtain the Sinrunners Reins

Dead Blanchy can be found within the North end of the Endmire in Revendreth. It will spawn on roughly a 1-2 hour spawn timer and begin to run through the Endmire. It runs faster than a mounted player is and once reaching the end it will despawn. However if you stand infront of its path it will stop and allow you to interact with it.

Dead Blanchy's location in Revendreth

Once stopped you will need to provide Blanchy with one of its 6 requested items. Blanchy will hang around for about 5 minutes after being stopped, in this period any number of players may interact with it before it despawns.

We recommend to camp slightly South of it’s spawn location so that it will spawn and instantly run into you, forcing it to stop.

The order that Blanchy wants the items, appears to be a fixed order and you may only interact with Blanchy once per day, thus it will take at least 6 days to get the mount.

The items needed

8x Handful of Oats from on the ground around the various farms within Westfall. Handful of Oats require level 55 to loot.

1x Grooming Brush which can be obtained from Snickersnee in Darkhaven, Revendreth. Simply speak with them and select the dialog option.

4x Sturdy Horseshoe which can be found along the roads in the East side of Revendreth.

Sturdy Horseshoe locations for Sinrunner Blanchy

1x Bucket of Clean Water which requires you to pickup the Empty Bucket from near Snickersnee in Darkhaven and then fill it in water within Bastion or Ardenweald. The water needs to be deep enough to swim in before you can use the Empty Bucket.

1x Comfortable Saddle Blanket which can be purchased from Tu’true in the Night Market which is South of Revendreth. You will need 30x of a specific Shadowlands trade materials, what the vendor wants changes weekly, so ensure you check before you purchase the wrong material!

3x Dredhollow Apple which can be purchased from Mims in the Hole in the Wall area for a few gold.

Mims location for Dredhollow Apply for Sinrunner Blanchy

Once you have the items, it’s simply a case of finding Blanchy each day and providing it with what it has requested for the day. This doesn’t have to be done 6 days in a row, just 6 days total. On the 6th day you will be awarded with Blanchy’s Reins.

Extra Tips

You could join online communities like discords such as Ours or WoW Secret Finding, where the communities may share their rare spawn findings. Alternatively make use of LFG to find servers that have Blanchy currently up.


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