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Ebon Gryphon

Ebon Gryphon

Family: Gryphon

Type: Vendor

Faction: Alliance

Zone: Stormwind

Sold By: Tannec Stonebeak

Recommended Level: Level 60

Skill Level: 0/10

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Obtaining: The Ebon Gryphon is an Alliance only mount and can be purchased for a small amount of gold at level 60 and above from a number of vendors, but two of the easier to get to vendors are:

1) Mei Francis

This vendor sells mounts to both Horde and Alliance and will sell you the Golden Gryphon as an Alliance Character

She stands right outside of the pet shop in both Legion and WotLK Dalaran cities.

2) Tannec Stonebeak

This vendor is Alliance only and will sell you the Golden Gryphon

He stands next to the flight master in Stormwind city.

Extra Tips: If you are below level 60 but wish to use these mounts then you can purchase them using a Class Trial and then will be able to use them on your lower level character as a ground mount and once you are the correct level also a flying mount.


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