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Dune Scavenger

Captured Dune Scavenger

Family: Hyena

Type: Zone Drop

Faction: Both

Zone: Vol’dun

Dropped From: Sethrak

Recommended Level: Level 50

Skill Level: 3/10

Drop Chance: 0.02%

Dune Scavenger
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The Dune Scavenger mount has a extremely low chance of dropping from Sethrak mobs within Vol’dun. This mount is on roughly a 0.02% drop rate, so be expecting to kill mobs for a long time before getting a drop. The mount is Bind of Equip however, so can be bought and sold.

Sethrak can be found all across Vol’dun but the more popular spot (marked in red) is just north of the Vulpera Hideaway.

Typically a farm group doing 2×4 farming is the best approach. This is two groups of four players clearing set spots each. This works because mobs can have a max of 5 players tag them but if the fifth person to tag the mob is apart of a group, then the whole group will get the tag.


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