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Daily Quest

Deepcoral Snapdragon

Deepcoral Snapdragon

Family: Snapdragon

Type: Dailies

Faction: Alliance

Zone: Nazjatar

Recommended Level: Level 50

Skill Level: 2/10

Time to Get: 2-3 Weeks

Deepcoral Snapdragon
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The Deepcoral Snapdragon mount is obtained by reaching rank 20 with Hunter Akana and completing a quest. Once obtained you’ll unlock the Horde version the Snapdragon Kelpstalker but only for Horde Characters.

Unlocking Nazjatar

You’ll need to unlock World Quests, to do that you will need to be Friendly with Voldunai, Zandalari Empire and Talanjis Expedition for Horde or Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers, Proudmoore Admiralty. Once done head to your factions ship in Port of Dazaralor or Boralus.

Next up you’ll have to unlock Nazjatar. This will be obtained from Nathanos or Greymane on your factions ship.

Follow the questline and you’ll quickly arrive in Nazjatar, once there you’ll complete approximately 9 quests to finish the introduction. Once magni arrives it’s time to start his quest chain. Starting with Essential Empowerment you’ll head to the Chamber of Heart in Silithus.

He will then send you to Neltharion’s Lair in Highmountain. Complete the scenario and finally head back to the chamber and you’ll now unlock essences.

After completing this you’ll be sent back to Nazjatar, follow the quests available in Nazjatar until you unlock world quests in Nazjatar. At this point you’ll have most features of Nazjatar unlocked.

1) To get this mount, you need to summon Hunter Akana as your follower in your Nazjatar base and complete the 3 daily quests with him until he reaches rank 20.

This takes exactly 20 days worth of dailies, but certain rares in the zone sometimes drop items that give experience to one or more followers. These work for Akana:

Fathom ray wing – from Soundless and other rays;

Reefwalker Bark – from Kelpwillow, Anemonar, Urduu, Oronu and Murkbloom Reefwalker

Unusually Wise Hermit Crab and Ominous Looking Tome  – Can be sold by Mrrl, but you need to wear a benthic cloak to see the Omnious Looking Tome;

Ancient Reefwalker Bark – from Kelpwillow, Anemonar, Urduu, Oronu. Can only be looted once a week;

Naga Deployment Orders – can be contained in a Glimmering Chest when using a Scrying Stone to discover the hidden chests.

2) Once Akana reaches level 20, he will offer a quest Wild Tame that awards the mount.


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