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Daily Quest

Darnassian Nightsaber

Darnassian Nightsaber

Family: Saber

Type: Daily Quest / Vendor

Faction: Alliance / Darnassus

Zone: Argent Tournament / Icecrown

Recommended Level: Level 50

Skill Level: 2/10

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The Darnassian Nightsaber mount is purchasable from Rook Hawkfist in the Icecrown Argent Tournament. This requires you to go through the Argent Tournament quest-line which will involve dailies to collect various currencies. Once you progress far enough you will be able to champion your characters race faction. So for Humans that would be Stormwind.

Once you’ve become an Exalted Champion of your races faction you’ll then be able to choose another Alliance faction to Champion, so pick the faction that has the mount you wish to purchase.

The mount costs 100 Champion’s Seals. Champion’s Seals are obtained from daily quests at the Argent Tournament and once you become an Exalted Champion of every Alliance race, you will then become a Crusader and unlock even more dailies.

Getting started at the Argent Tournament

To get started at the Argent Tournament, you’ll want to head over to the large tent in the west, the Argent Pavilion. Immediately as you enter you will find Justicar Mariel Trueheart who will provide you with the quest The Argent Tournament.

From here you will be sent to your factions tent and be given three follow-up quests to begin training.

Once these are completed you’ll then have the quest Up To The Challenge which is to complete the various daily quests and collect 15 Aspirant’s Seals. It will take a minimum of three days to complete this stage.

Once done with this you’ll then have a short chain and then a quest with your races NPC called The Valiant’s Charge (unless you’re a newer race such as Worgen, Mechagnome etc, then you will be given another race as your starting point)

This will be to complete more daily quests and collect 25 Valiant’s Seals. You should have 5 quests to complete per day which means it will take a minimum of 5 days to complete this stage.

Having complete this stage you’ll now be able to Champion any Alliance race you wish but once you select a new race you’ll be locked into that race until you complete the same stages as above to collect Valiant’s Seals. This can be repeated until you’ve completed all Alliance Argent Tournament races.

Once you have Championed the faction you want the mounts from and have obtained the needed Champion’s Seals, then you can head over to the vendor in your factions tent and purchase it from them.

Obtaining Champion’s Seals via dailies

Depending on how far you’ve progressed with the Argent Tournament will depend on how many Champion’s Seals you can obtain via daily quests per day. The further progressed, the more dailies available.

The dailies can be found within your factions tent and also the large tent to the west of the Argent Tournament.

Some of these dailies may offer the choice between Champion’s Purses or Champion’s Writ. Pick the Champion’s Purses as these contain gold and an addition Champion’s Seal.

Obtaining Champion’s Seals via dungeon

The dungeon Trial of the Champion can be completed on Heroic difficulty once per day for 3 Champion’s Seals. This is a fairly straight forward dungeon but can also feel tedious to complete.

To get started you need to equip a lance and use one of the mounts around the room. Then you can speak to the NPC in the center to begin the first fight. You can dismount from here and fight them with your class spells if you wish to. To get your 3 Champion’s Seals you need to complete the whole dungeon and defeat the Black Knight

You can also repeat Normal difficulty of Trial of the Champion over and over but completing this difficulty and defeating the Black Knight will only yield 1 Champion’s Seal per clear.

For sanity sake it may be worth only farming Normal difficulty when you are very close to obtaining one of the Champion’s Seals mounts.

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