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Darkwater Skate

Darkwater Skate

Family: Sea Ray

Type: Profession / Vendor

Zone: Darkmoon Island

Faction: Both

Cost: 500 Darkmoon Daggermaw

Recommended Level: Level 30

Skill Level: 1/10

Time to get: 1-6 Hours

Darkwater Skate
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The Darkmoon Skate mount is purchased from a vendor after gathering enough of fish from local waters.

1) Darkmoon Faire (DMF) is a micro-holiday that starts on the first Sunday of each month and lasts a week. While active, you can fish in the waters of the island to get Darkmoon Daggermaw – a zone specific fish.

2) Getting to DMF

If the Darkmoon faire is currently active, travel to Thunder Bluff or Stormwind depending on your faction and use a portal near the city. There will also be DMF NPCs in other major cities that will be able to teleport you to the portal for a tiny fee.

3) Obtaining the currency

Pretty much fishing anywhere on the island will yield some fish, but fishing from the pools is more efficient.

With the price of daggermaws often being as low as 10-30 gold on the auction house, this mount may not be worth spending your time on, so before heading to DMF consider checking your auction house for some cheap fish.

4) Once you have obtained 500 Darkmoon Daggermaws, find Galissa Sundew on the pier to buy your mount.


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