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Darkmoon Dirigible

Darkmoon Dirigible

Family: Mechanical

Type: Vendor

Zone: Darkmoon Island

Faction: Both

Cost: 1000 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets

Sold By: Lhara

Recommended Level: Level 30

Skill Level: 1/10

Time to get: 4 Months +

Darkmoon Dirigible
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The Darkmoon Dirigible mount is purchased from a vendor after gathering enough of local currency on the Darkmoon Faire island.

1) Darkmoon Faire (DMF) is a micro-holiday that starts on the first Sunday of each month and lasts a week. Many activities on the island will award you with the local currency – Darkmoon Faire prize tickets. To buy the mount you need to collect 1000 of them. There are two more mounts that are bought with this currency as well as a plethora of toys, pets and other rewards.

2) Getting to DMF

If the Darkmoon faire is currently active, travel to Thunder Bluff or Stormwind depending on your faction and use a portal near the city. There will also be DMF NPCs in other major cities that will be able to teleport you to the portal for a tiny fee.

3) Obtaining the currency

DMF Prize tickets are awarded for a completion of daily, weekly and once-per-character activities. A maximum of 278 tickets can be obtained per month if you complete all activities.

3.1) Weekly turn-ins

During the Darkmoon faire an NPC in Orgrimmar or Ironforge will be offering a quest The Darkmoon Faire (alliance version is The Darkmoon Faire) that will award you with the Darkmoon Adventurer’s guide. With it in the bags you will be able to loot DMF items from various activities (such as battlegrounds, raid, dungeons). The whole list is:

Each of them can be turned in to various NPCs on the island once a month for a total of 80 tickets. These items can also be bought or sold on the auction house and are usually quite cheap – around 100-400 gold each, but get slightly more expensive when DMF starts.

Moonfang, a rare sometimes found on the island, has a small chance to drop a moonfang’s pelt that can be turned in a similar fashion, but the pelt is 10 times more expensive on the auction house on average.

3.2) Daily quest

Darkmoon faire also features five small daily mini-games and pet battle dailies that award the prize tickets for a total of 70 per month. To participate in these games you need to buy game tokens from nearby vendors.

You can also pick up weekly profession quests as well as Test Your Strength that requires you to kill a whole lot of npcs of your power level for extra 10 tickets per month. A good way to complete it is picking a dungeon with a good mob density from a previous expansion (or just take it in the beginning of the Faire and you should have it completed in a few days of playing the game normally).

3.3) Secret 100 tickets

There is a small secret chain of events that can be completed once per character. It’s a good way to get 100 prize tickets quickly. 

To start the secret you need to buy a Faded treasure map from vendor on a pier for 100 Darkmoon Daggermaws – a fish that can be fished out from the waters of DMF or bought from the auction house.

Then you just have to travel to five locations on the island and click hidden objects, the last of which will grant you a box with 100 tickets inside. A nice visualisation of the process was created by Vainio over on Wowhead.

(though the map has changed a little since the last update to the Darkmoon faire, #2 is still there, in a nearby sandbox)

3.4) Additionally, every once in a while, a Darkmoon Ticket fanny pack will appear on the black market auction house. It contains a few hundred prize tickets, but can easily go for 50,000-100,000 gold.

4) Once you have obtained 1000 Darkmoon faire prize tickets, head to Lhara to buy your mount.

Extra Tips: Make use of your alts and grind currency on all of them to work towards several  rewards simultaneously.


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