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Dark War Talbuk

Reins of the Dark War Talbuk

Family: Talbuk

Type: PvP / Garrison / Vendor

Zone: Nagrand, Outland

Faction: Both

Cost: 20 Halaa Research Tokens / 100 Halaa Battle Tokens

Recommended Level: Level 40

Skill Level: 1/10

Time to get: 2-4 weeks+

Dark War Talbuk
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The Dark War Talbuk mount is purchased from a vendor after completing a rare garrison table mission that can appear randomly.

1) Halaa Battle tokens were awarded by landing a killing blow on an enemy player in Nagrand. Unless you team up with a friend that lets you kill them over and over again, grinding them is too time consuming and tedious. Halaa Research tokens were awarded for turning in a zone drop – Oshu’gun crystal powder sample.

Instead of spending hours in Nagrand you want to make use of a garrison mission table and complete Mysteries of Lok-Rath mission.

It’s a rare, fairly easy, repeatable mission. In order for it to appear you need to have a level 98+ garrison follower. There does not seem to be any reliable way to trigger it, so just check your mission table every day and eventually it should pop up. You will need to complete this mission twice to get enough tokens for both Halaa mounts.

2) Once you have the tokens, travel to Nagrand in Outland and in the center of the zone will be an area called Halaa.

The zone with vendors will either be controlled by Horde or Alliance. If you need to switch it, kill all the guards in the area (there will be a number of remaining guards on the top of your screen) and stand by the flag on the central island to capture the zone. Once the progress bar is filled, NPCs of your faction will appear.

3) Find either Aldraan for Alliance or Coreiel for Horde and buy your mounts. They stand on the central island.

Extra Tips: Check the garrison mission table on your alts to see if they got the mission this day!


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