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Clutch of Ha-Li

Clutch of Ha-li

Family: Bird

Type: Rare Spawn

Faction: Both

Zone: Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Mogu Assaults Phasing)

Dropped From: Ha-Li

Recommended Level: Level 50

Skill Level: 4/10

Respawn Time: 1-2 hours

Drop Chance: 3%

Clutch Of Ha-Li
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Unlocking Vale Phasing

You’ll need to unlock World Quests, to do that you will need to be Friendly with Voldunai, Zandalari Empire and Talanjis Expedition for Horde or Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers, Proudmoore Admiralty. Once done head to your factions ship in Port of Dazaralor or Boralus.

Next up you’ll have to unlock Nazjatar. This will be obtained from Nathanos or Greymane on your factions ship.

Follow the questline and you’ll quickly arrive in Nazjatar, once there you’ll complete approximately 9 quests to finish the introduction. Once magni arrives it’s time to start his quest chain. Starting with Essential Empowerment you’ll head to the Chamber of Heart in Silithus.

He will then send you to Neltharion’s Lair in Highmountain. Complete the scenario and finally head back to the chamber and you’ll now unlock essences.

You’ve now reached the point where you can start the 8.3 quest chain. This quest should automatically appear, if it doesn’t try relogging or heading to a BFA zone. The quest for Alliance will be “An Unwelcome Advisor” for Horde it will be “Return of the Black Prince.

This will have you aiding Magni once more, firstly heading to Uldum to solve the problems there and after you will complete the Uldum Assault taking place, after this you will be sent back to the Chamber of Heart and aiding Magni once more but this time over at the Mogu’shan Vaults, shortly after you will head to the Vale and the Assault phasing will be unlocked.

The Clutch of Ha-Li mount has a chance of dropping from the rare Ha-Li which only spawns during the Mogu Assault. The mount is on roughly a 3% drop rate.

To access the correct phasing of Vale you need to be at least level 50 currently and need to be progressed enough through the 8.3 Magni quest line (See above for more info).

You can find Ha-Li flying around the hills just to the right of Ruins of Guo-Lai. Mogu Assault must be active which is the assault that takes place on the left side of the zone.

Ha-Li is very difficult to be defeated solo at level 50 and the respawn timer is quite long, it respawns roughly every 1-2 hours.

The rare resets once per day, so you should make use of alts to have more chances at the mount each day.


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