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Daily Quest

Child of Torcali

Child Of Torcali

Family: Direhorn

Type: Dailies / Quest Chain

Faction: Horde (Usable on both)

Zone: Zuldazar

Recommended Level: Level 50

Skill Level: 2/10

Time to Get: 2-3 Weeks

Child Of Torcali
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The Child of Torcali mount is raised by horde players in a series of daily quests in Zuldazar.

1) Start off by traveling to this location and talking to a tiny direhorn hatchling to get The Orphaned Hatchling quest. 

If there is no available quest for you at that location (and you are on a horde character), you might have already completed the first part of the Child of Torcali questline in patches prior to 8.2, that added the continuation. Travel to Warbeast Kraal to see if you can pick up An Unending Sleep there (patch 8.2 part).

2) By following this straightforward questchain in the Warbeast Kraal you will eventually unlock dailies with your direhorn hatchling. Complete them every day as well as any other quests offered at different new growing stages. Once your direhorn reaches its last stage you should be able to start a new questchain with The Trust You’ve Earned that soon enough awards a mount.

Extra tips: Though the entirety of questing happens on a horde side, the mount is usable on alliance characters and does count towards the meta collecting achievements.


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