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Bulbous Necroray

Bulbous Necroray

Family: Necroray

Type: Undying Army’s Supply Cache

Zone: Maldraxxus

Faction: Both

Contained in: Necroray Egg

Recommended Level: Level 60

Skill Level: 2/10

Bulbous Necroray
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The Bulbous Necroray mount is one of three possible Necroray mounts from the Necroray Egg. You will be guarenteed one of these three mounts if you obtain a Necroray Egg although it doesn’t seem you can get duplicate mounts but this isn’t fully confirmed yet.

The Necroray egg has a low chance of being rewarded from any of the Callings in Maldraxxus, regardless of quality or objective, as long as the supply cache is from The Undying Army. It also does not matter which covenant your character is in, any covenant can obtain the Necroray Egg and the mount inside.

Once you obtain a Necroray Egg, you will need to wait for it to hatch, once it hatches, open it for one of the three possible mounts inside!


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