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Brown Riding Camel

Reins of the Brown Riding Camel

Family: Camel

Type: Reputation / Vendor

Reputation: Ramkahen

Faction: Both

Zone: Uldum

Sold By: Cielstrasza

Recommended Level: Level 90

Skill Level: 1/10

Time to Get: 4 hours+

Brown Riding Camel
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The Brown Riding Camel can be purchased from Blacksmith Abasi for 80g, who can be found in Ramkahen in Uldum once you are Exalted with Ramkahen faction.

Blacksmith Abasi who sells the Brown Riding Camel

This reputation grind can be completed within a few hours but it will be a consistent dungeon grind to get it completed.

The first step is to get yourself the Tabard of Ramkahen. This can be purchased from Blacksmith Abasi once you reach Friendly with the Ramkahen.

If you aren’t already friendly then you either need to continue questing in Uldum or if you’ve never quested in Uldum before then you’ll need to head to the West of Tanaris and pickup the quest “Easy Money“. This is the first quest to start Uldum content.

You’ll be given a few more quests to aid in their escape, once completed you’ll end up in Ramkahen with the quest Escape From the Lost City.

I’d recommend choosing the Badge of Valor as the reward, as this will provide you with 1,000 reputation with Ramkahen. Continue to follow the quest chain until you reach Friendly.

If you’re having problems with the Uldum phasing, then you need to speak to Zidormi in Ramkahen to show the version of Uldum before the N’zoth Invasions began.

Now that you are Friendly, purchase yourself the Tabard from Blacksmith Abasi, once equipped, this will allow you to get reputation from mobs and bosses in Cataclysm dungeons.

With the Tabard on, your best method of obtaining reputation is via Heroic Grim Batol which can be found in Twilight Highlands.

Once at Grim Batol, ensure you are on Heroic Dungeon Difficulty and head inside.

Your goal here is to kill all of the trash between the start of the dungeon and the last boss BUT you do not kill any bosses, this is easily done as all the bosses can simply be walked past, if you do aggro a boss just make sure you don’t defeat it as we will be repeating this dungeon to gain rep and defeating a boss prevents us from doing that.

Once you have finished with all the trash, I would recommend jumping into the large gap, this will kill you but it will also send you to the start of the dungeon once you release, allowing you to quickly leave and reset.

Each run will net you around 2,000 reputation and this can be repeated until you hit the 10 dungeons per hour lockout, at that point you need to wait until this resets, which will be 1 hour from your first dungeon run.

Once at Exalted, head over to Blacksmith Abasi and purchase your Brown Riding Camel mount.

Extra Tips: Humans receive 10% extra reputation from all sources due to their racial buff. Additionally, countless reputation buffs can be utilized to speed up your reputation gains further, such as the WHEE! (DMF is around for one week every month), WOW Anniversary buff or other mini-holiday related buffs such as Grim Visage.

If the Cataclysm Timewalking event is active then you can also make use of the 50% bonus reputation provided Sign of the Destroyer during this event or trade in Timewarped Badges for Ramkahen reputation tokens from Kiatke in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.


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