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Bronze Drake

Reins of the Bronze Drake

Family: Dragon

Type: Guaranteed Drop

Faction: Both

Zone: Caverns of Time / Culling of Stratholme

Dropped By: Infinite Corrupter

Recommended Level: Level 90

Skill Level: 1/10

Time Per Run: 15 Minutes

Drop Chance: 100%

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The Bronze Drake is the notoriously easy to get drake mount which will drop from the Infinite Corrupter in Culling of Stratholme Heroic. It drops on a 100% drop rate but only if you are able to reach the Infinite Corrupter within the time limit. If you fail then the Infinite Corrupter will despawn and you will be unable to obtain the mount.

Firstly you must make your way to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. A portal was added to the portal room in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, for Horde you’ll need to go to the lower section of the portal room to find it.

Once at the Caverns of Time, follow the path down to the main section of the Caverns of Time where multiple Dungeon and Raid entrances are located. The dungeon immediately South as you reach the main section is Caverns of Time.

Before entering ensure you have set the Dungeon Difficulty to Heroic by right clicking on your character portrait and changing the Dungeon Difficulty.

Once inside, follow the path up and you will meet Chromie. Talk with Chromie and you will be given an object to reveal the crates of grain. To do this, you will continue out of the house and along the path, you will find crates with a white light on them, simply use the item you receive from Chromie on them.

After revealing all of the corrupted crates of grain, your next objective will be to find Chromie who is much further down the path (which can be seen by “Second Objective on the below image). Talk with Chromie and you will begin an RP scene with Arthas.

Once the RP scene is over you will then follow Arthas inside Stratholme and talk to him to begin the next RP scene (Third Objective).

Now that the RP is over you should see a timer at the top of your screen and also Stratholme will now have enemies for you to fight. Our goal is to make it to the Infinite Corrupter before the timer ends, which is very trivial for a character above level 90.

Your current objective is to defeat the waves of elite mobs within this section, they can be found via the white flag on the map, or the yell in your chat. After defeating 5 you will have to fight a boss. Once the boss is defeated you will fight more waves until the next boss.

After the second boss is defeat, Arthas will request you to meet him in the Townhall which you can find at the North end of Festival Lane. Speak to Arthas once again and after a short RP section you will then begin to escort him through this building.

On the top floor, you will defeat a boss, once it’s defeated talk to Arthas again and then he will reveal a secret passage. From here we no longer need Arthas, make your way through this secret passage and then follow the path that is full of undead.

You will reach the final bosses room which you can see on the right but do not enter this area, instead continue to follow the path up until you see the Infinite Corrupter, engage, kill and loot the Infinite Corrupter to get your Bronze Drake!


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