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Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder

Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder

Family: Fish

Type: Vendor / Reputation

Reputation: Conjurer Margoss

Faction: Both

Recommended Level: Level 45

Skill Level: 2/10

Time to get: 6 Hours+

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The Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder can be purchased from Conjurer Margoss in the Broken Isles Dalaran for 100 of a special currency for Drowned Mana once you are Best Friend rank with him. Fishing is the only sauce of obtaining reputation and the currency.

Finding Conjurer Margoss

To begin this grind, you firstly need to reach Conjurer Margoss. He is on a floating piece of land to the North/West of Dalaran, you can reach this place via a few methods.

#1 You can simply fly to the island if you have Broken Isles flying
#2 Head to the North/West side of Dalaran and you’ll find a crack in the wall that leads to the Pet Battle area. You can jump from here and make it to the island using things like Goblin Glider Kit
#3 Fish in Dalaran Sewers. You will find green pools you can fish in, they will have a chance of giving you an item called Emblem of Margoss that will teleport you to his island.

Gaining Reputation

Now you’re on the island, he’ll provide you with a quest to fish him up Drowned Mana, this can be done by fishing in the pool next to him. You’re fishing skill doesn’t matter for this, you can get Drowned Mana at level 1 skill.

Once you have the Drowned Mana for him, you’ll hand that in for 250 reputation and from there he will accept additional Drowned Mana for 50 reputation per one. To reach Best Friend you’ll need to fish up roughly 835 Drowned Mana, this will vary based on reputation buffs.

While fishing you will get an item called Mark of Aquaos, when using this will cause a water elemental to spawn, once defeated the waters will buff the drop rate of Drowned Mana to 100% for around 3 minutes.

This is what makes doing this grind with other people extremely beneficial, as the buff is present for everyone, so you can chain your Mark of Aquaos after it fades to give a higher uptime of the buff.

Repeat handing in Drowned Mana until you reach Best Friend and then continue to fish for Drowned Mana until you have enough to purchase the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder


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