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Daily Quest

Brilliant Direbeak

Brilliant Direbeak

Family: Falcosaur

Type: World Quest/ Quest Line

Faction: Neutral

Zone: Broken Isles/ Stormheim

World Quest: Direbeak Swarm!

Recommended Level: Level 45

Skill Level: 2/10

Brilliant Direbeak
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The Brilliant Direbeak mount is one of four Falcosaur mounts that comes from finding the Orphaned Falcosaur after you slay it’s mother and caring for it. In this case the mother being the Direbeak Matriarch during the World Quest Direbeak Swarm!

Only two Falcosaur World Quests will be up at a time in either Highmountain, Azsuna, Val’Sharah and Stormheim. If the one in Stormheim is up then the Direbeak Hatchling will be obtainable but before you head over, ensure you have Pungent Vrykul Gamalost in your bags, this can be purchased in Dalaran or from Steward Dayon 71.6, 60.6 in Stormheim.

Slay the Direbeak Matriarch and then head North. Here you will find a rock platform and on this rock the Direbeak Hatchling who you can feed and it will then become a pet.

Caring for your Hatchling

From here you will need to summon your hatchling pet and complete a quest line to raise your hatchling. The intent is for you to do one per day, however if you log onto a different character after completing the quest and summon your hatchling you will be able to do another quest in the same day. You can repeat this as many times as you wish as long as you have other characters.

#1 Raising Your Direbeak – This will be to raise the pet to level 25. You can purchase leveling stones for pet charms in the Dalaran pet shop to speed this up or if you haven’t completed the Menagerie questline in your level 3 WoD Garrison, this will also provide a level 25 pet charm

#2 The Smell of Dwarf/Tauren – Depending on faction you will need to take your pet to a specific place within Ironforge or Thunderbluff.

#3 Hunting Lesson: Rose Taipan – This is to complete pet battles with your hatchling in the team. Rose Taipans can be found around Talon Rest in Stormheim.

#4 Allies in Stormheim – This is to complete 5 World Quests with your hatchling out in Stormheim. Everytime you mount up your hatchling may despawn, so get in the habit of resummoning the hatchling before completing the World Quest.

#5 Direbeak Team Up – This one is to complete 3 pet battles in the Broken Isles although the hatchling does not need to be in the team. It does however need to be summoned before you start and complete the pet battle. Otherwise you wont get credit, even if it is on the pet battle team.

#6 Dire Prey – Complete 1 Rare Elite World Quest with your hatchling summoned.

#7 Hunting Lesson: Tiny Apparition – This is to complete pet battles with your hatchling in the team. The Tiny Apparition can be found in Tideskorn Harbor in Stormheim.

#8 The Unkindly Faction – Complete 3 PvP World Quests with your hatchling summoned.

#9 Direbeak Bonding – This is to purchase Fake Teeth from Jepetto’s Companion in Dalaran, it can be found in the Toy Store within Dalaran.

#10 Hunting Lesson: Golden Eaglet – This is to complete pet battles with your hatchling in the team AND 2 other Flying pets. The Golden Eaglet can be found on the East side of Stormheim around The Runewood.

#11 Teamwork Lesson: Fenryr – This is to defeat Fenryr in the dungeon Halls of Valor with your hatchling summoned. This is easy to solo at level 50+

#12 Hunting Lesson: Stormstruck Beaver – This is to complete pet battles with your hatchling in the team AND 2 Mechanical pets. The Stormstruck Beaver can be found in the West area of Stormheim.

#13 Teamwork Lesson: Krosus – This is to defeat Krosus with your hatchling summoned. This can be done in LFR by talking to the NPC near Violet Hold in Dalaran and selecting the Nightspire.

#14 Direbeak Team Rumble – Defeat 3 Pet Battle World Quests with your hatchling AND 2 Humanoid pets in the team.

#15 Direbeak Reunion – The final step, take your hatchling back to where you originally slayed the Matriarch, heal the Matriarch and enjoy your new mount!

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