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Breezestrider Stallion

Breezestrider Stallion

Family: Talbuk

Type: Reputation / Vendor

Faction: Horde but usable on both.

Reputation: Vol’jin’s Spear

Cost: 4,750g + 100 Mark of Honor

Zone: Ashran (Alternate Draenor)

Recommended Level: Level 40

Skill Level: 3/10

Time to Get: 5 Hours+

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The Breezestrider Stallion mount is purchased from a vendor after reaching exalted status with the Voljin’s Spear faction (not to be confused with Vol’jin’s Headhunters – the Tanaan Jungle faction).

Gaining Reputation

This reputation is gained through activities in an epic battleground – Ashran. Though you can complete quests and go for objectives, there are two main ways of grinding the reputation repeatedly.

First is killing enemy players and looting their body parts. They are not a guaranteed drop. Body parts are turned in in your base for 2500 reputation pre buff. 

Alternatively, you can either farm mobs within Ashran (not recommended) or go around the map killing rares and collecting treasures. Each treasure will grant you a small amount of fragments that are also turned in on your base. Try not to die while carrying them – you will lose half. If you have a max level rogue you can set its specialization to outlaw to enable  Treasure Tracking. This way you will see them just like mining nodes and flowers on your minimap. 

Remember to turn all your collected items in before the end of the battleground as they will disappear otherwise.

Reputation gains are significantly increased during a WoD timewalking week and this is especially useful for this reputation for people who don’t enjoy pvp.

Noteworthy: This reputation cannot be gained through timewalking rep badges or Medallions of the Legion.

At the same time, this mount (and its Alliance counterpart the Pale Thorngrazer) are very unique because unlike most other rep mounts they can be used on both factions and you are not automatically awarded the mount of the opposing faction. Essentially, this means that to get both you will have to grind the reputation twice, but you will also get two points towards the meta collecting achievement instead of one (only Nazjatar reputation mounts follow this weird rule too). 

Once you reach exalted, head to Warspear and find Dazzerian to purchase your mount. It costs 100 Marks of honor along with some gold, so if you are missing them, complete some daily pvp wins, brawl weekly quests (they are up every other week) or rated pvp wins. These steps can be done on alts too as Marks of Honor are Blizzard account bound.

Extra Tips

Countless reputation buffs can be utilized to speed up your reputation gains further, such as the Darkmoon Faire Buff (DMF is around for one week every month), WOW Anniversary buff or other mini-holiday related buffs such as Hollow’s End one.


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