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Blue Dragonhawk

Blue Dragonhawk

Family: Dragonhawk

Type: Achievement

Achievement: Mountain o’ Mounts

Faction: Alliance

Recommended Level: Level 40

Skill Level: 2/10

Time to get: 5 Days +

Blue Dragonhawk
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The Blue Dragonhawk mount is awarded for completing the Mountain O’ Mounts achievement for Alliance players. To get it, you simply need to collect 100 mounts usable on one character. So not the number that appears in your mount journal but instead the number found within the Statistics page on the Achievements menu.

However completing this on a Alliance character will still allow you to use the Horde version, the Red Dragonhawk but only on Horde Characters.

Easiest way to get to 100 is getting the faction mounts for Horde or Alliance which can be quickly done using a Class Trial for each of the various races. This will allow you to purchase these mounts from the vendor without having to raise your reputation.

Then from there work on mount farms that are time efficient to fill out the rest of your collection. Some we recommend are Talbuks from Nagrand, Netherrays from Terrokar Forest, Garrison Stables, Bronze Drake, Amani Battle Bear and Obsidian Sanctum Drakes. There are a lot of fairly quick mounts for you to get to push you past 100 mounts.

For more inspiration, feel free to check out the most time-efficient mounts in our mount search tool!


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