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Guaranteed Drop

Bloodhoof Bull

Bloodhoof Bull

Family: Clefthoof

Type: Guaranteed Drop / Rare Spawn

Faction: Both

Zone: Nagrand / Draenor

Drops From: Nakk the Thunderer

Recommended Level: Level 100

Skill Level: 2/10

Respawn Timer: 2-8 hour estimated

Drop Chance: 100%

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The Bloodhoof Bull is a guaranteed drop from the rare spawn, Nakk the Thunderer. Nakk spawns in Nagrand in Draenor and once killed has a 100% chance to drop the mount to everyone in the party.

Nakk will spawn around the ramp leading to the sea at the top of Nagrand, he slowly walks down and west towards Mok’gol Watchpost. It was previously thought to have a 15-48 hour respawn but hotfixes brought changes to a majority of mount rares and now it’s estimated to be closer to 2-8 hours, however an exact spawn timer is not currently confirmed.

Nakk the Thunder spawn location and path on map
Extra Tips

You could join online communities like discords such as Ours or WoW Secret Finding, where the communities may share their rare spawn findings. 


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