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Azure Drake

Reins of the Azure Drake

Family: Dragon

Type: Rare Drop

Faction: Both

Zone: Colderra / The Eye of Eternity

Dropped By: Malygos

Recommended Level: Level 100

Skill Level: 1/10

Time Per Run: 5 Minutes

Drop Chance: 2%

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Guide: The Azure Drake can drop from Malygos on 10 or 25man within the raid, The Eye of Eternity on roughly a 2% drop chance. Malygos can also drop the Blue Drake and both mounts can be gotten within one run if you are extremely lucky!

This raid only has one difficulty so legacy difficulty doesn’t matter.

The entrance to The Eye of Eternity raid can be found within the center of Coldarra, Borean Tundra. It is the portal on the 2nd floor inside The Nexus. There are no prerequisites required to do this raid.

This raid only contains one boss, Malygos, we recommend you do this raid on 10man, as phase 2 is slightly faster to complete.

The fight is very trivial for a character above level 100, just click the orb in the center to begin the fight, damage Malygos until he leaves. Kill all of the adds on the flying discs, there are less on 10man, so it’s faster to finish this phase.

Once all the adds are dead, phase 3 will begin and you will be given a Red Drake to control. Generally pressing the first button will be enough but if you are lower level then you can do the following rotation 1,1,1,2 and repeat. The numbers representing the buttons on your Red Drake.

Alexstrasza's Gift has a chance to contain the Azure Drake
Alexstrasza’s Gift

Once the fight is over, you will see a red “chest” called Alexstrasza’s Gift. Loot this for a chance at the Azure Drake and/or the Blue Drake.

Extra Tips: Since you can only clear the raid once per week per character, run the raid on your alts to have more than one chance per week.


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