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Ascended Skymane

Ascended Skymane

Family: Horned Horse

Type: Rare Drop / Rare Spawn

Contained in: Cache of the Ascended

Faction: Both

Zone: Bastion

Recommended Level: Level 60

Skill Level: 5/10

Drop Chance: 3%

Ascended Skymane
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The Ascended Skymane mount comes from the Cache of the Ascended after defeating the Ascended Council on a low drop rate. However to spawn this rare you need to hit 5 Vespers (bells) within 5 minutes which can be found across Bastion.

These Vespers have around a 1-2 hours cooldown once hit, regardless of if you succeed or fail in summoning the Ascended Council. You’ll need 2-3 people at least to spawn this rare, although 5 people are ideal to ensure you do not fail.

The map above highlights where the vespers can be found however the Red dots indicate where the Anima Pads are, these are needed to reach the vespers that they are near to.

Once you successfully summon the Ascended Council, you will get an alert in chat that they will arrive in 1 minute. Head over to Aspirant’s Crucible to find them there and wait for any of the people who hit the bells before engaging the rare.

This rare spawn can be killed once per day per character, so make use of alts to increase your odds of getting the item.


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