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Armored Razorback

Armored Razorback

Family: Boar

Type: Rare Spawn

Faction: Both

Zone: Tanaan Jungle

Drops From: Doomroller / Vengeance / Deathtalon / Terrorfist

Recommended Level: Level 40

Contained in: Rattling Iron Cage

Skill Level: 2/10

Respawn Timer: 1-3 hours

Drop Chance: 10%

Armored Razorback
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The Armored Razorbackf has a 33% chance of being inside the Rattling Iron Cage. The Rattling Iron Cage has roughly a 10% drop rate from four rare spawns found within Tanaan Jungle.

The four rare spawns are Doomroller, Vengeance, Deathtalon and Terrorfist. These have roughly a 1-3 hour respawn timer and have a daily lockout on their loot meaning you can only kill each of them once per day, per character.

Looting them have a chance to give you a Rattling Iron Cage, from the Iron Cage you can obtain 1 of 3 mounts, the Warsong Direfang, the Tundra Icehoof or the Armored Razorback. Unfortunately you could get a duplicate of a mount you have already received previously.

Also while looting the four rares, you have a chance to get a Medallion of the Legion. This awards 1,000 reputation with the various Warlords of Draenor factions and can also be bought or sold.


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