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Armored Chosen Tauralus

Armored Chosen Tauralus

Family: Tauralus

Type: Achievement – Abomination Factory

Zone: Maldraxxus

Covenant: Necrolord

Faction: Both

Awarded From: Things To Do When You’re Dead

Recommended Level: Level 60

Skill Level: 8/10

Armored Chosen Tauralus
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The Armored Chosen Tauralus is awarded from the achievement Things To Do When You’re Dead, this meta achievement is complete the following sub achievements –
Abominable Lives
Wardrobe Makeover
The Gang’s All Here
It’s a Wrap

This mount is a Necrolord only mount, even once obtained it can only be used by characters that are in the Necrolord Covenant.

This will require you to have unlocked the Abomination Factory which can be done via the Sanctum upgrades system, you will also need to have completed the Welcome to Our House questline that unlocked Emeni as a soulbind.

You will also need your Abomination Factory to be at the highest Tier (Tier 5) for all of the possible constructs to be available and you will also need to grind enough of the body parts to build them all which will take multiple weeks!

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