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Arboreal Gulper

Arboreal Gulper

Family: Toad

Type: Guaranteed Drop / Rare Spawn

Dropped by: Humon’gozz

Faction: Both

Zone: Ardenweald

Recommended Level: Level 60

Skill Level: 5/10

Time to Get: 10 minutes – 2 hours

Drop Chance: 100%

Arboreal Gulper
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The Arboreal Gulper mount is a guaranteed drop once you have defeated Humon’gozz in Ardenweald. However to spawn Humon’gozz you need a rare drop called Unusually Large Mushroom which has a 20 minute duration. So you need to take it to Humon’gozz spawn location before it expires.

Getting the Unusually Large Mushroom

The Unusually Large Mushroom appears to be a zone drop within Ardenweald but the places I can 100% confirm it drops from are The Stalks and Mistveil Tangle (both marked on the map below). It doesn’t seem like the mob type matters as I’ve had it drop from a variety of types.

The drop chance of the item is low however, generally it was taking me an hour of near non stop farming to get a drop.

Fighting Humon’gozz

Once you have the Unusually Large Mushroom, you want to take it to just North/West of Dreamsong Fenn. Here you will find plant like enemies and at the back a soil pile that you can interact with

Once you interact with the soil, assuming you have the Unusually Large Mushroom. Then a mushroom will begin to grow in the soil and after around 60 seconds the rare will spawn. The soil does have a small respawn timer of around 5-10 minutes, so if it isn’t there, you shouldn’t be waiting long.

Humon’gozz is a level 62 Rare Elite, so soloing it is difficult but not impossible, especially for Pet Classes as he does a lot of AOE spells that don’t deal much damage to a pet.

Although getting a group together is fine as well as everyone in the party will receive the mount.

Humon’gozz has two notable abilities:
Fungistorm – This is a bladestorm style spell that you’ll want to move away from
Binding Fungus – This will be green swirles on the ground that you can move out of

Once killed, loot Humon’gozz for your Arboreal Gulper mount!


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