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Ankoan Waveray

Ankoan Waveray

Family: Manta Ray

Type: Reputation / Vendor

Faction: Alliance (Although usable on both)

Reputation: Waveblade Ankoan

Zone: Nazjatar

Recommended Level: Level 50

Time to Get: 1 Month+

Skill Level: 2/10

Ankoan Waveray
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The Ankoan Waveray mount is purchased for 250 Prismatic Manapearls from Artisan Okata after reaching exalted reputation with the Waveblade Ankoan faction. This mount can only be obtained by alliance players, but can be used by both factions. It is not automatically awarded to players who grinded the Unshackled Waveray on the Horde side and vice versa. Get both separately if you want to use both and receive two points towards a meta collecting achievement. 

Unlocking Nazjatar

You’ll need to unlock World Quests, to do that you will need to be Friendly with Voldunai, Zandalari Empire and Talanjis Expedition for Horde or Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers, Proudmoore Admiralty. Once done head to your factions ship in Port of Dazaralor or Boralus.

Next up you’ll have to unlock Nazjatar. This will be obtained from Nathanos or Greymane on your factions ship.

Follow the questline and you’ll quickly arrive in Nazjatar, once there you’ll complete approximately 9 quests to finish the introduction. Once magni arrives it’s time to start his quest chain. Starting with Essential Empowerment you’ll head to the Chamber of Heart in Silithus.

He will then send you to Neltharion’s Lair in Highmountain. Complete the scenario and finally head back to the chamber and you’ll now unlock essences.

After completing this you’ll be sent back to Nazjatar, follow the quests available in Nazjatar until you unlock world quests in Nazjatar. At this point you’ll have most features of Nazjatar unlocked.

1) The best source of the reputation is an emissary for the Waveblade Ankoan, which gives 1500 reputation for completing 4 world quests.

2) If you have an alt who is revered or higher with the Unshackled or Waveblade Ankoan and has a bunch of spare prismatic manapearls, buy some Wavespwept abyssal conch from a quartermaster in your faction hub and mail them (they are account wide and can be used with any faction). Note, that they cannot be used past exalted.

3) Complete a weekly Mardivas lab summon. It is unlocked with a lesser benthic arcanocrystal, that randomly drops from mobs in Nazjatar. Mardivas Lab will have a quest available each week after you unlocked it here.

4) Complete daily quests in your hub, follower quests and world quests while using Contract:Ankoan – you can usually find it on the auction house.

5) Participate in bonus events such as Summons from the depths, where one elite being is summoned by Naga, right after a chat notification, and a battle for Nazjatar (a zone-wide pvp event). Both award reputation. Killing rares also awards a small amount of reputation.

6) Check the Murloc trader – Mrrl, sometimes he sells a Shadow-cloaked shell that grants rep. You need to equip a benthic cloak to see it.

7) Complete Elite Pet Battles that are part of elite pet battles within the zone. The first time you kill each enemy,  you will get an item that turns in for 250 reputation. Pet battles can be easily won with full lvl 1 teams as BFA pets battles scale.

8) Once you reach exalted, you will be able to purchase the mount from Artisan Okata in your faction hub for 250 Prismatic Manapearls. If by this point you don’t have enough – continue participating in all these activities, since pretty much all content in Nazjatar awards this currency.

Extra Tips: Countless reputation buffs can be utilized to speed up your reputation gains slightly, such as the Darkmoon Faire Buff (DMF is around for one week every month), WOW Anniversary buff or other mini-holiday related buffs such as Hollow’s End one.


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