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Amethyst Ruinstrider

Reins of the Amethyst Ruinstrider

Family: Talbuk

Type: Reputation

Faction: Neutral

Zone: Argus

Reputation: Argussian Reach

Sold By: Toraan the Revered

Recommended Level: Level 45

Skill Level: 1/10

Amethyst Ruinstrider
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Unlocking Argus
Written Guide to getting to Argus

To unlock Argus, you first need Legion World Quests unlocked. Head to Khadgar in the Violet Citadel within Broke Isles Dalaran. He will have a quest called Uniting the Isles which you can pick up at level 45 and above. You can instantly hand this in and World Quests in Broken Isles will now be unlocked.

Next up head to Krassus Landing within Dalaran and you will find Khadgar here again, he will have a quest for you to assault the Broke Shores, this is a decently long Scenario. Once done, hand in the quest and head back to Khadgar in the Violet Citadel, he will now have a quest called Hand of Fate which will take you to a ship docked within Orgrimmar or Stormwind depending on Faction. This will lead you to Exodar and from here eventually to Argus.

Now it’s a case of continuing the story quests within Argus until you have all the zones and World Quests unlocked. This can be fairly time consuming however.

The Amethyst Ruinstrider is purchasable once you reach Exalted with the Argussian Reach from Toraan the Revered for 8,000g.

Toraan the Revered can be found within the Vindicaar in Argus.

Getting Exalted with Argussian Reach isn’t too bad at all. You’ll firstly want to complete the yellow story quests found on the Vindicaar in Argus, these will give you a large chunk of reputation and unlock World Quests in the three zones within Argus.

At this point you have four main ways of getting reputation with Argussian Reach

Weekly Quests

There will be two weekly quests available if you’ve progress far enough in the story. Fuel of a Doomed World which is to collect 50 Pristine Argunite from Invasion Points, Rares or Treasures across Argus, this awards 1000 reputation. The second is Invasion Onslaught which is to complete 3 Invasion Points in Argus (indicated by the Green Portal on the map), this also awards 1000 reputation.

World Quests and Emissary Caches

Completing World Quests across the three zones in Argus can award between 150 and 350 reputation. So ensure you are completing all the World Quests that are tied to Argussian Reach which are generally found in Krokuun and Mac’Aree but the Elite Kill quests in Antoran Wastes also provide Argussian Reach reputation.

You also have the Emissary Cache if this is available, you will be given a new Emissary Cache for a Legion faction each day, there is a chance this will be Argussian Reach. If it is then simply complete 4 World Quests in Argus and hand in the Emissary for 1000 reputation.

Reputation Insignia

The Argussian Reach Insignia and Greater Argussian Reach insignia can be awarded from your Class Order Hall mission table missions if you’ve progressed the story in Argus far enough.

They can also be obtained from the bonus loot of mission table missions in the Greater Tribute of the Broken Isles.

You can also find them as World Quest rewards in Argus and these will be Bind of Account meaning you can complete the World Quest on an alt and then send the reputation token to your main character.

Demon Soulstone

This is an item you will rarely get from the Elite enemies found across Argus that can only be killed for their loot once per day. This will award 1000 reputation when used.


Humans receive 10% extra reputation from all sources due to their racial buff. Additionally, countless reputation buffs can be utilized to speed up your reputation gains further, such as the WHEE! (DMF is around for one week every month), WOW Anniversary buff or other mini-holiday related buffs such as Grim Visage.

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