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Amani Battle Bear

Amani Battle Bear

Family: Bear

Type: Guaranteed Drop (Kinda)

Faction: Both

Zone: Ghostlands / Zul’Aman

Dropped By: Fourth Save Prisoner

Recommended Level: Level 100

Skill Level: 1/10

Time Per Run: 10 Minutes

Drop Chance: 98%

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The Amani Battle Bear is a notoriously easy to get ground mount which will drop from the the 4th Prisoner that you rescue’s reward bag in Zul’Aman Heroic. It drops on a near 100% drop rate but only if you are able to save the four prisoners within the time limit. If you fail then they will be executed and you will be unable to obtain the mount.

Firstly you must make your way to the Zul’Aman in Ghostlands. If you have a flightpath available then going from Isle of Quel’denas is a good option, otherwise you can run through Western Plaguelands to reach the Ghostlands.

Once you reach Zul’Aman in the East of Ghostlands you can enter but before entering ensure you have set the Dungeon Difficulty to Heroic by right clicking on your character portrait and changing the Dungeon Difficulty.

Once inside, run towards the main door and just before you reach it you will see Vol’jin. Talk with Vol’jin and then aid him with hitting the gong, you only need to click the gong once and then allow your character to continue the animation. Eventually the opening ritual will be complete and the gate will open.

After the gate opens, the timer will begin. By default you have 15 minutes to defeat the first four bosses which will also save the four prisoners. Although killing the first two bosses will give you additional time on the timer.

The order that you kill the bosses in doesn’t matter but for ease I recommend the following path: Akil’zon > Nalorakk > Jan’alai > Halazzi. The bosses are all fairly trivial for a character at level 100 and above, the only thing you may need to be away of is that you have to defeat Nalorakk’s subordinates before you can engage him, he will send them at you one wave at a time.

Now that the four bosses have been defeated, the next task is to free the fourth prisoner who will be nearby to the fourth boss you killed. In our case we killed Halazzi last, so the prisoner we want to free is Kasha.

Kasha can be found in cage to the right as you enter Halazzi’s room. Talk to them in the cage after defeating Halazzi and they will be released from the cage and proceed to destroy vases. The large vase in the bottom right corner is the one of interest to us.

As long as you weren’t extremely unlucky and competed the run correctly and in time then the large vase will contain Kasha’s Bag, which when looted will reward you with the Amani Battle Bear.

Extra TipsSince you can only clear a heroic dungeon once per day per character, run the dungeon on your alts if you happen to not get the bear. I would also backtrack and check the other prisoners loot if you do not receive the bear on your first run, as it is very unlikely that you don’t get it.

If you happen to not get the bear on your 2nd or 3rd try then it is more than likely you are doing something incorrectly and I would advise you reread the guide.


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